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"Working with PEROXIDE chemistry on the farm since 1989"

OXYGEN THERAPY is a "SPECIAL FORMULATION"  combined with coupling properties and a penetrating surfactant.

Non-Plant food additive for the purpose of adding OXYGEN to growing plants and soil.

Cool temperatures generate more oxygen in the atmosphere than warm temperature.  Warm Temperatures are one of the
limiting factors for plant decline. Warm temperatures do not have sufficient levels of oxygen which create an unhealthy
condition for plants.   

Cool soils retains more oxygen than warm soils. Warm soils do not hold sufficient levels of oxygen causing an anaerobic
condition which are unhealthy for roots. Adding Oxygen Therapy to your irrigation water will help prevent an anaerobic condition
in your soil.

In addition, microbes need oxygen too, but if the soil is waterlogged very little or no oxygen is available. When soils are
waterlogged the soil microbes will find another source for the oxygen usually the microbes will strip the oxygen from the
nitrates and use it, with oxygen stripped from the nitrate the remaining nitrogen is lost as a gas. To help avoid denitrification
in the soil use Oxygen Therapy throughout the season in your irrigation tape. Irrigation well water can have between 2-8 ppm
oxygen however with Oxygen Therapy at 1/1,000 ratio can increase oxygen levels in your irrigation water by 200%-350%
during injections.

In a plants natural life in the earth, the roots get moisture from rainfall or irrigation water. In the soil moisture moves down
and the top dries out quickly. For this reason, the top 10% of the plant roots are oxygen specialized and the bottoms 90%
are water roots. 90% of oxygen taken up by plants comes from the roots the rest from the leaves. One must be careful not
to keep the oxygen specialized roots constantly wet or the plant will drown. The bottom section of the root can be constantly
wet, provided that the water contains oxygen. Stagnant water will soon kill the plant. The roots should always be crisp and
white. If the roots develop brown tips or general browning, the problem is usually lack of oxygen or disease.

H2O2 is naturally found in rain and snow. It is formed when water is exposed to Ozone (O3) in the upper
atmosphere. When H2O2 comes in contact with organic impurities, the extra Oxygen molecule is released and oxidizes the
impurity, rendering it harmless. The original H2O2 molecule then returns to water.  

Oxygen Therapy used as a Drip Tape line cleaner @ 1/300 - 1/1,000 ratio.                   
Synonyms for Hydrogen Peroxide include: dihydrogen dioxide, hydrogen dioxide, hydroperoxide, and peroxide.
Oxygen Therapy environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable
250 gallon totes
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1/300 ratio
1/100 ratio
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